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The Importance of Values

Values are an integral part of the choices we make, in the way we live our lives and who we associate with and yet we rarely consciously list them. One advantage of clearly defining your values is that it helps you make critical choices or resolve complex issues where a decision is required. For example when choosing a new job, partner, role or life direction.

Life Passion & Business Shortcast Image

I’m So Excited

Today’s Shortcast Topic, I’m So Excited is about those magically joyful moments that remind us how to celebrate the exuberance of passion. It is prompted by a chance encounter in the supermarket this morning.

Thoughts on Community

This Sunday reflection is exploring the importance of community. As humans, we create them everywhere, and when we lose them or leave it hurts. Spirit-duality is less than seven days away, do get your ticket; these conversations are not to be missed. The tickets are Free for the Inspirational section. Read more…