My guests on today’s programme is Bryan Clayton, known as the Uber for Lawn Care and I found his story fascinating so I hope you do too.

It all started when he was 13 years old whilst playing his Nintendo. In an attempt to get him moving, his dad suggested they go and cut the neighbour’s lawn. It was the $20 his neighbour paid him that got him wondering how many lawns could he cut. By the time he reached high school, he had 200 customers and fast forward a few more years to college, he was already employing five people. 

Work or Business?

With this success already in the bag, Graduation posed a dilemma for Brian. Take a pay cut and get a job or build the business. His employees were his family and the business offered interest-free loans that had the capacity to change the lives of their families. We are talking about sending kids to college and building a supermarket in Guatemala type of difference. Also, Bryan had built the company from the ground up, so it is hardly surprising that he chose the business.

It was a good choice, because Bryan went on to create one of the largest landscaping businesses in Tennessee. By 2013 he had taken it to 150 employees and $10 million in revenue. However, for Bryan this signalled the time to move on. So he sold the company to Lusa holdings and tried retirement for a while, but found he needed more of a challenge.

Uber for Lawn Care 

Bryan Clayton Uber for Lawn Care

Contemplating what next, he recognised one of the difficulties a lot of homeowners faced was getting regular lawn care. He also noticed the growth of Uber and other similar services, so putting two and two together he figured it would be a fairly simple process to create an app to do the job.

What followed was an 8-year journey and lots of personal development; however, it has been worth it. Green Pal offers more than a simple booking system, the homeowner gets quotes within 60 seconds, and the grass cutter gets a business system in a box. The app does everything for them from sending the quote to booking the appointment and taking the payment.

When we spoke Bryan was looking at the potential for Green Pal to break through $20 million in 2020.

Bryan Clayton Uber for Lawn Care

Just like the previous business Bryan has created something that is making a real difference for all involved. 

I find it incredible that what started as a simple chore to cut the neighbour’s lawn has grown into something unique that has changed many lives for the better.

Bryan is a role model; his story includes being prepared to live on the edge and engage wholeheartedly with personal development and leadership. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. 

 If you would like to connect with Brian you can find him on Facebook Instagram Twitter and at the Website Green Pal  

What Next – Post COVID 19

Outside of the critical industries and health professions, lockdown life for many has been a surreal journey. Life has been on hold; however, the end is in sight, and it is time to be thinking about what next. We are in for a journey that is for sure, as the threat passes the world will return to a new normal.

What Have You Discovered?

Despite the hardship, many people in China valued the lockdown; it is rare for families to spend extended times together, so for them it was a precious opportunity. It has also been an opportunity for many of us to discover more about ourselves. In the west, some found they needed less stuff and spent less money and UK banks reported the repayment of £6 billion in credit card debt during April 2020.

The necessity of working from home wasn’t for everyone, however many people have discovered the benefits and not having to travel so much has been a perk for individuals and businesses. Some now dread the prospect of returning to work and others are not sure what it will be like when they do return.

Maybe it is a time for more permanent changes. Have you found yourself making plans or waiting to see what happens?

Time to Get Stuff Done

It is interesting that given the space and opportunity to do something, many people just sit in neutral. And for some obscure reason they choose to binge on Netflix or find other mindless distractions. If thats not you, well done, but please read on.

It will be those that can implement over the coming months that will thrive in a post COVID world.Our new virtual event planned for July 2020 will be over 5 days and we are going to nail this subject of procrastination and getting stuff done.

I want to hear from people on both sides of the coin, those who are good at being productive and from those who find it a challenge. We all get the same hours in a day and some of us achieve so much more than others.
What is the story for you?

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