Gloria Rand Finding Love Podcast Interview

Gloria Rand : Finding Love

This week, Gloria Rand is sharing her story of finding ‘self’ love through writing her book Live. Love. Engage. Her work is in SEO copywriting and her background is in television, so when the message to write a book about Love popped into her head during meditation it was a complete surprise to her.

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Consciousness & Presence

In this episode I am exploring the concept of mindfulness and the values that can be found when we stay present and in relationship with who we are. It stems from my meditation practice on Monday where my Monkey Mind was exploring every possibility to break the meditation process

Geraldine Schmidt : Active Communication

Geraldine Schmidt is the founder of The Story Weavers. An online service that connects kids from around the world through monthly collaborative writing projects. It’s all about nurturing kids active communication skills. Geraldine says that “Everything previous to this was preparation for what I am doing now.”

Terry Tucker : Cancer Warrior

Terry Tucker : Cancer Warrior

Terry’s passion was to follow a career in Law Enforcement, even though his father was against it. His dream career led him through challenges and life threatening situations but none were as great as the challenge of choosing to live a healthy and fulfilling life even in the face of imminent death.

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The Importance of Values

Values are an integral part of the choices we make, in the way we live our lives and who we associate with and yet we rarely consciously list them. One advantage of clearly defining your values is that it helps you make critical choices or resolve complex issues where a decision is required. For example when choosing a new job, partner, role or life direction.

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I’m So Excited

Today’s Shortcast Topic, I’m So Excited is about those magically joyful moments that remind us how to celebrate the exuberance of passion. It is prompted by a chance encounter in the supermarket this morning.