Birthday Reflections

What can I say about a Shortcast other than they are short? It was my birthday on Friday so this is a Birthday weekend. Leading up to the weekend I have been quite reflective and the overriding decision is the next 4 years are going to be different.  I have Read more…


Thoughts on confidence, we all have the imposter syndrome, it never goes away. However, we can find evidence to keep us secure so that we stay on target and see these fears for what they are – just fears. 

Changing Your Money Story

After a discussion with Laura, I realised that my money story was not good and we talked about a new course that is starting on Monday 12th March. It is an 8-week programme looking at the relationship with money and putting it right once and for all. I was even Read more…

How Do You Make Choices?

I’ve come to the realisation this week that I’m not making enough choices. I’m not making quick decisions, I am dithering over my choices and not being decisive. I wonder what that was about? Is there too much choice in my life? Why am I finding it so difficult to Read more…

The Wellness Spiral

This Shortcast is about mindset and what I call the Wellness Spiral. This is my management process and keeps me moving in the right direction. There is no magic here. It is my visualisation of a process, I share it here so that you may find your own.

Morning Routines

This will be a part of this series of short podcasts, it will be mostly me, sometimes I may ask a guest to share their wisdom. The idea is that they will be short. and hence called “Shorts” or “Shortcasts” This is all about me taking the opportunity to share Read more…